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The first few years of your child's education lay the foundation for the adults they'll become. At Kreative Kids Montessori, our goal is to help kids pursue their interests in a secure environment surrounded by compassionate teachers. Our Woodland Hills Montessori school follows the Montessori philosophy, which combines a variety of principles designed to help your child reach their full potential. Your child's educational journey starts here.

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Looking for a Woodland Hills Montessori School?

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Discover the teachings of Montessori philosophy

Dr. Maria Montessori developed her philosophy after years of studying children in an educational setting. The Montessori philosophy centers on taking a hands-on approach to teaching and focusing on helping students develop real-world skills as early as two years old. Our authentic Montessori education is well-rounded and includes:

  • Practical life exercises
  • Sensorial activities
  • Language materials
  • Mathematical concepts
  • Cultural and art activities

Our students foster a love of learning through stimulating activities and the support system our teachers create.

Why choose Kreative Kids Montessori?

By turning to our Montessori program, you're not only supporting your child's education through a scientifically-supported philosophy, but you're also entrusting them to teachers with over 20 years of education experience. Between the prepared environment our teachers create and the individual lessons offered, you can guarantee your child will be in good hands at our Woodland Hills Montessori school.

Visit our Montessori school's upcoming open house to meet some of our talented educators and see the school for yourself.